Another Birthday for Terry

Happy Birthday November 12th.  Ride Hard and Fast Cowboy.

Terry Behind Ski Shop, age 2.                                                       

I remember the day Terry, age 2, rode his white horse around the balcony of the ski shop and didn’t stop at the top of the long staircase leading to the ground below.  I heard the crash, crash, crash, and then silence.  Panic! I got to him at emergency speed.  Half way down the stairs, still straddling his trusty horsey,  he was looking up at me as if to say, “What the heck, Mom.  When did you put these steps in?”  He was still alive, and nothing cut or broken.  Although, the shocked look on his face remains etched in my mind.  He didn’t try this trick again – as far as I know.  Now he catches air whenever possible, on his bike, skis, snowmobile, oh yeh, and there was the time I bought a riding lawnmower.  The first day we had it, while I went out to pick up as few groceries, he and his brother built a “Mower-Jump” on our asphalt driveway.  Really?Needless to say, the mower never cut a single blade of grass.  Sometimes it’s hard to get upset at such creativity.


Terry and Jade
50 Years Later

Fifty years later he is a proud dad.  This is Jade’s graduation from Pacific Crest Middle School.  Both Jade and Ellie attend Summit High and run cross country.  Summit has the number one X Country team in the Nation.  Ellie, as a senior, will be on the varsity team next year, and the competition will increase.  With their heavy study loads, sports, social activities and some recreation, they are very busy girls.

Wishing you a wonderful year Terry. You are a fine individual, a wonderful son, and a great dad. I love you. Mom


July Art Shows


First Friday in Bend is July 5th.  My paintings will be displayed in the lobby area of loanDepot from 4pm to 8pm.  Come enjoy an evening of art, refreshments, and ample parking.

                44 NW Irving Ave.  Bend, OR  – between NW Harriman and Greenwood.


The show at Redmond Hospital was over as of the 28th of June.  The paintings shown below were accepted in the current exhibition at the Redmond Hospital. That exhibit runs for three months and will come down September 27th.  

It is a joy and pleasure to have my artwork displayed in hospital settings.  The Registered Nurse in me, retired but still “on duty,” has hopes that my paintings will bring lightheartedness and a few moments of peace to patients, staff and anyone who might take some time to be with them.



New Art Shows

Invitation to Show At UU’s

You are welcome to stop by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, the beautiful newer building located at the bottom of Skyliner’s Rd. off Skyline Ranch Rd.  The artist’s reception was on June 2nd, but the show will be available for viewing until August 4th.  This is a juried show, and there are some very amazing pieces submitted by local artists.  It is All About Birds, their habitats, nests, feathers portrayed in fabric, wood, sculptures, and paintings.  Look for mine entitled, “Waiting.”

Beginning June 28th I will have two new paintings hanging at the Redmond Hospital in the halls just off the main entrance.  In the works are large poppies, like the ones out my back door and all throughout my yard.  Here’s a peek at the reference photos I took.  By the way, the deer don’t eat poppies.  Isn’t nature the best?

As a side note, painting has been so helpful in my most recent cancer recovery.  I’m doing better each day.  Thanks for the support.  It means so much.

Art Show in Redmond – April & May 2019


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Painting my Garden is a project I began exactly one year ago, May 2018.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, my intention was to paint each newly emerging flower as it bloomed in the garden surrounding my small cottage.  That was a dream I couldn’t keep up with. The garden got way ahead of me and thanks to my amazing phone camera, I was able to paint from spring and summer references throughout the winter.  March 30, 2019 the garden project was done.

April 1, 2019 I hung 12 paintings at St. Charles Redmond. This smaller hospital offers a lovely, friendly, quiet venue.  I am one of three artists presently showing there.  You are welcome to visit in person, or you can sneak a peek here on my blog site.  Some of the paintings have appeared in past postings, but I wanted to show them as one spring-time event.

Funny What the Flu Can Do

It’s going around Bend, a healthy flu that’s making many of us unhealthy.  After laying low for several days, this morning I decided to get with it and try my hand at “Negative Painting.”  With this technique paint is applied between desired shapes , and, if you’re lucky or know what you’re doing, an image appears.  After coming close to trashing this piece many times, but listening to that voice that says, “keep going,”  I got close to the sunflower I was after – or it could be a water lily.

I’ll add a fun little “Poppy Garden” and a piece I did in Angie Granger’s workshop this Fall.



Remembering Isabella

Isabella was 8 weeks old when Don and I picked her up in Clackamus to bring her to Bend and her new home at Skyliner’s.  She soon came to love the snow, her walks in the snow, and long naps buried under the snow.  I’ll share a favorite memory. One cold and sunny trip up the road to Tumalo Falls the snow was deep and the berm high and pure fluff.  She was trotting right along next to my skis when suddenly, bloop, there she went, all 16 weeks of her agile little body into the berm.  She disappeared.  I followed her, but she was gone.  I was digging and throwing snow, panicked and desperate.  I called to another skier passing by with his dog that my pup was lost under the snow.  He said, “No problem, my dog can find anything.”  Just then as quickly as she had disappeared she reappeared with a flurry and bounced, unaffected, on up the trail.   She was smart, beautiful, sensitive, a constant companion, and much more.  In 2016 we had to leave Skyliner’s and moved to Bend.  I think she missed her life of freedom and familiarity.  She did grow old, as did I, and her health failed. On November 18, 2018 her best friends and I laid her in our back yard where she is now blanked with the snow she loved so much.  I love you sweet girl.  You are deeply missed.

Christmas Eve

Peace to all on this Christmas Eve.

Peace to All

This morning’s rain promised a dark, gloomy Christmas, but by this afternoon the temperature dropped and we are blanketed with a layer of pure, bright, beautiful snow.  Perfect for Christmas.

5 pm Christmas 2018