The “Creativity” Group

Sue Skjersaa_Peace

The Wheel Begins to Turn

My original vision for our  Creative Artist group follows:

1. Investigate creative process…ie. what is the force or power that arises within before we do our art?  What moves us to create?

2.Engage in Open Discussion/Activities: at the beginning of each gathering we will launch the focus, set the mood, or find the flavor of the day.  We all have means and ways that feed our personal artistic process…of which we are often unaware.  Our goal is to discover and share over and over again until we meet with our “inner artist” or monster blocks.

3.Demonstration of our creative process: this  might take the form of ritual, celebration, silence, or dance.  Whatever our art form, this is the time for action, to experience the movement and life of our craft.

4.Observe, listen, connect: with each other’s ideas and expressions. Every person’s ideas are novel, useful, and worth contemplation.

5.SUPPORT: assure that each  member has time to share without interruption – feedback is honorable vs. critical.  (Thanks to my first art teacher who taught me to always look for something that “works” in others and my art-work. )

With intention we can all go deep, then deeper, as we unlock the multitude of creative surprises living within each of us.   The fulfillment of this goal and the influence our small community will surely enspirit each of us, and our community, in a larger way.

Comments/suggestions will be welcome








Watercolor on Paper.

By Su

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