Art is Beauty

My art is a medium where I play with truth, hope, humor, and if I’m lucky my art will reflect some of my inner courage, and heart-self back to me.  It’s a challenge to pin down a/the definition of Art.  For me its everything.  In my understanding of the universe art is “arting” in every moment, a never ending cycle of creation – and destruction.  Otto Rank says you cannot create without destroying.  Took me a couple of years to unravel that one. 

I have just finished the piece I named “The Altar of the Heart,” which I previously published “unfinished.”  I haven’t liked it much until today.  Now it’s stuffed full of new and unexpected shapes and symbols – which will likely reveal their meaning as time goes by.

Thank you for visiting my site.  Come back anytime.

Altar if the Heart Completed.
Altar if the Heart Completed.
Blue Bird
Blue Bird
Just Fun
Just Fun
Spring at Last


4 thoughts on “Art is Beauty

  1. Su, I loved those painting. Can’t believe how beautiful they are, esp. the one with the cat in it, etc. Keep up the good work, you are so fortunate to be blessed with a creative heart.


  2. wow, the glow from then paper is something else…i have had the same experience in working
    with inks and Yupo…so the paintings turn out great and become “one of a kind” also a special designation. seems like you are on a roll!!


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