Ellie Graduated and is off to San Diego State, 2021

She’s in the starting gate, ready to go, loaded with many talents and a solid, humble nature: She’s an advanced and former competitive pianist, she excelled in track at Summit High in Bend, she’s a strong skier, both downhill and cross country. She performed many times at the Tower Theater, twice in stunning lead roles. She loves the out doors, camping and hiking, and cycling the many trails surrounding her mountain home. Many of these activities have been set aside while a focus on her studies took the spotlight. This effort shows, as she has won an academic scholarship, to which she will undoubtedly, diligently devote herself to higher learning…bathed in warm weather and playing on beautiful beaches in Southern California. Oh, did I mention she is as beautiful now as she was cute the day she was born.

Ellie's grad photo. 2021
Ellie Skjersaa

Ellie playing in the snow she grew up in.

Ellie studying, as usual.

We were on the staircase at your home, I was grandma and you were about 2. The moon was full, and the large windows were perfect for sky-watching. Sometimes you spoke french, your mom’s language . You were entranced with the bright light in the sky. You took your little pointy finger and quietly said, “La Loon.” “La Loon.” For me this was just one of my many favorite moments with you. I love you to the moon and back Ellie. I will always carry you in my heart delighting in who you are. Go in love, peace, grow your wisdom, speak your truth, and do something funny every day.

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