Go In Peace

It’s a cozy day in Bend, new snow, a warm house, a big white dog and hope for All.

Go in peace

Go in kindness

Go in love

Go in faith

Leave the day

The day behind us

Day is done

Go in grace

Let us go into the dark

Not alone, not afraid

Let us hope, by some good measure

Safely of arrive at home.

By Sam Baker


Slough Camp to Benham Falls

Des chutes River from trail between Slough Camp and Benham Falls.
Late Fall colors above Slough Camp.
A quiet day amongst the changing colors.

Yesterday Isabella and I explored a different  walking trail.  We drove  just west of Bend up Century Drive, turned off on the road to Benham Falls and ended up at Slough Camp.  From Slough Camp’s parking lot we headed on foot towards Benham Falls, about 2.5 miles. I hadn’t been up in this area for ages.  It brought back a fun/funny memory. In The 60’s when I was attending COCC my folks sent me $70. a month for rent, food, gas, etc. One memorable month I out-spent the month by two weeks and had only a dime to last until next payday.  No problem, well not really.  For food I, every day, fished the Deschutes and lived on the catch of the day – trout. I ate fried trout, baked trout, boiled trout, and fried trout again.  The dime I had bought me two lemons from the market on Franklin St. just two blocks from my apartment.  Bend was so compact and easy back then. Anyway, Slough Camp was one of my fishing spots and it felt good to be back, although I’m happy to hike and not fish.







The forest waiting for winter as far as one can see.

Isabella found a place where she could get to the river for a drink without tromping through brush and river grasses.  She took off over a little embankment that looked almost straight down to me.  I questioned her ability to get herself out of that hole, but she did it, eventually.  I let her rest a bit, me too, before we carried on.  It was such a beautiful, quiet Fall day, and I’m grateful for every minute of it.

How are you going to get back up?
Last Days of Autumn 2017


Fort Snow

If you’ve ever been to Fort Rock in the Central Oregon Desert, you’ll remember that it is formed of jagged lava rock that has taken the shape of a crescent.  It’s dry and desolate, to me.  So now, I seem to be existing in a near replica which I have named Fort Snow.  (Not dry but maybe a little desolate.) The photos attached will tell you the story of the enormous snow load I am dealing with and some of the havoc it has raised. The inside has some significant damage caused by snow melt that crept silently down beams, under flooring, and into the main crawl space under the kitchen .  It’s not the end of the world, but just one more thing to deal with as I pack to move and try to find a place to live.  What a time for Bend to come up with an unprecedented snow dump.

Here’s the story behind my pictorial essay: lots of snow, piles so high I don’t have to think about anyone looking in my windows – or me looking out, tractor heading down towards my front door, Fort Snow forming, dogs going crazy with fun, and at last a fond farewell to my 1990 Subaru Legacy.  She’s off to become a KLCC radio program.

Out my front window.  Huge chunks from ice dams, too heavy to lift.
Out my front window. Huge chunks from ice dams, too heavy to lift.
Saving the roof, Josh was careful with the roof - did a great job.
Saving the roof, Josh and Richard were so  careful with the roof – did a great job.
I can still see the roof…but not much else.

By the way, it’s my 78th birthday, and I so appreciate the many, many birthday wishes that showed up on m Facebook page this morning.  I really needed that kind of support today, and it helped me to remember who we all are – just a bunch of good friends and family who know how to reach out to one another.

Kind and generous neighbor at work - headed toward the front door.
Kind and generous neighbor at work – headed toward the front door.
Fort Snow, West wall.
Fort Snow, West wall.
Isabella and Josh's dog Dusty.  Played hard all day.
Isabella and Josh’s dog Dusty. Played hard all day.
Subaru.  Can't you tell?
Subaru. Can’t you tell?
It took an act of congress to get her out of the snow.
It took an act of congress to get her out of the snow.
She's on her way over the pass to Eugene buried in her favorite stuff, snow.
She’s on her way over the pass – to Eugene – buried in her favorite stuff, snow.


January 2017

This is my birthday month, and I have been gifted with so much beauty.  Exactly what I ask for, snow.  It’s so deep and cold I really haven’t ventured out much – no skiing, no walking.  I’m playing “elderly” and mostly looking out of the windows – especially at night.  Its full moon and the reflection of moonlight that comes off the snow is stunning.  Last night I awakened around 1:00am and thought my neighbors were shinning their headlights in my window.  Good to see it was simply the natural grace of the night.

All over Bend roofs are collapsing.  Early this morning Kenwood School’s gymnasium roof came down, Hooker Creek, and FedX too, so all schools are closed for inspections.  Now the kids have had an entire week off because of the best weather ever.


The Art Studio
The Art Studio
The Pump House - not a pub
The Pump House – not a pub

I”m wishing you warm fires,

a cup of something warm,

and a good book…or an episode of Poldark.



Christmas tree at sunset just before the big storm
Christmas tree at sunset just before the big storm




Christmas Day, 2016

It’s Christmas morning and 5 degrees above zero.  The mountains pink and inviting reflected in the sunrise.


Wishing us all a day of peace, joy, and understanding.

Peace Throughout the World
Peace Throughout the World


Holiday Greeting Art

Yesterday I submitted fourteen images to Looking Glass Gallery, located in the Bend River Mall annex. Seven are Solstice greetings and the other seven are holiday themes.  Watch for future post and more images.

My Solstice art is not easily photographed, as it is painted on Yupo (a plastic paper) with acrylic inks.  The inks leave a high gloss finish which reflects everything making it almost impossible to photograph.  The image I’m posting will give you an idea of my expression  of the Return of the Sun or the Solstice celebration. Inside each card is a brief explanation of the meaning of Solstice.


Fall Projects

Winter Aspen
Winter Aspen
Summer Aspen
Summer Aspen


Just waiting for Fall Aspen

and lots of time.

I love the detail in pieces like these

when I can get lost in the details.

It’s meditation at it’s best for me.


September 2016

Fall Colors Arriving.
Fall Colors Arriving

The Aspen in the yard, and most of the surrounding forest, are turning all shades of yellow.

I’ve been having a bit of fun in my studio with yellows, burnt siennas, deep sap green, and other beautiful mysteries of life.  I will post them on my blog only.  You are welcome to visit.  It’s simple: suskjersaa.com.

Message from the Hopi Elders

Tumalo Creek awaiting possible bulldozers and construction projects. (See SWIP - surface water improvement project - on line). How could this natural resource be destroyed? Photograph by Su Skjersaa 2013

There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift, that there are those
Who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore; they will
Feel they are being torn apart and will
Suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore;
Push off into the middle of the river;
Keep our eyes open and our heads above
The water.
And I say see who is there with you and
At this time in history, we are to take nothing
Personally, least of all ourselves,
For the moment we do, our spiritual
Growth and journey comes to a halt.
The Way of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves.
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and
All that we do now, must be done in a sacred
Manner; and in celebration.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Hopi Elder

Coptic Stitch Books

Inside Cover of Coptic Stitched Small Book
Inside Cover of Coptic Stitched Small Book
Writings that sustain me.
Writings that sustain me.
Window above Tumalo Creek with morning reflective light,
Window above Tumalo Creek with morning reflective light,

In these remaining days in my studio I’ve turned to playing with little books and filling the pages with “reminders” to help me re-member who I am and how blessed I’ve been to live in the mountains – a life’s dream fulfilled. My next dream calls for “this or something equally as harmonious.”