January 2017

This is my birthday month, and I have been gifted with so much beauty.  Exactly what I ask for, snow.  It’s so deep and cold I really haven’t ventured out much – no skiing, no walking.  I’m playing “elderly” and mostly looking out of the windows – especially at night.  Its full moon and the reflection of moonlight that comes off the snow is stunning.  Last night I awakened around 1:00am and thought my neighbors were shinning their headlights in my window.  Good to see it was simply the natural grace of the night.

All over Bend roofs are collapsing.  Early this morning Kenwood School’s gymnasium roof came down, Hooker Creek, and FedX too, so all schools are closed for inspections.  Now the kids have had an entire week off because of the best weather ever.


The Art Studio
The Art Studio
The Pump House - not a pub
The Pump House – not a pub

I”m wishing you warm fires,

a cup of something warm,

and a good book…or an episode of Poldark.



Christmas tree at sunset just before the big storm
Christmas tree at sunset just before the big storm




The Best Weather Ever

Usually I take my dog for a walk.  That means I lead.  Today I let her take me.  I followed her up through a valley of snow laden trees and along the edge of a small stream hidden under its banks.  Most the time Isabella, my dog,  was out of sight and I tracked her by her prints in the snow.  Interestingly there were a second set of paw prints fresh amongst hers.  This is not unusual, except that there was not another owner in sight.  Hum!  Could it have been a coyote?

Path by Stream
Path by Stream
Imagine the creek sounds. The video is not loading.
The End of the Trail

Winter is Here

The snow is beautiful.  It snowed a foot or so several days ago, and it’s remained cold enough that everything is still powdery with no ice…except on the trees.

Winter's Here, 2015
Winter’s Here, 2015



Isabella and I took a walk, first time in over a week.  The weather was a little much while I was shaking the flu.


Today was a studio day.  The cold and snow didn’t keep me away.  I am thankful for warm places as I think of those who are living without shelter.  Blessings to all during this holiday season.

Studio in the Woods After First Snow.
Studio in the Woods After First Snow.







Isabella has slept most of the day in her outside bed, wanting out early this morning at 2 degrees.  Burr.

Corona’s a snow dog also.

Sweet Dreams. Watercolor on Paper
Sweet Dreams.
Watercolor on Paper
Corona, our neighbor buddy, loves the cold too. Watercolor on Paper